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User Reviews: We Loved Our Patients, And They Love Us.

A dentist that understood everything I needed with my crown. Came here to get another dentist's work fixed and very pleased with the outcome the tooth is exactly what I wanted and looks very natural and improves my smile x100. Couldn't be happier.
Thanks, Dr. De Man and Staff

Nicky S Vi

I have been cared for by dentists in this practice for over twenty-five years. As a psychologist, I can attest to the professionalism of all members of this dental practice, from dentists to receptionists to hygienists; all are extremely courteous and competent and caring…the three Cs that I value

Dr. Jim B

My family and I have been going to de Man and Höediono Dentistry over ten years. Their professionalism, courtesy, and personal touch have always impressed me. We always look forward to our next appointment….and who says that about their dentist.

Richard Murray

Best dentists in town. Always an excellent experience and I am terrified of dentists. Thank you for making me feel comfy every time I need to come in.

Ruth L

They do excellent work on my teeth and do everything to work around my problems with a patient, caring manner. I suffer from claustrophobia, gagging and fear of dentists from way back. They have treated me so well I no longer need sedatives and enjoy seeing them at each visit. Dr. Harry and Dr. Helen are the best and only hire dentists, hygienists, and front counter people. that have the same caring manner for me from the moment I walk in until I leave. Have a problem getting work done on your teeth? Call them – you will be amazed at how comfortable you will feel and how good your teeth will look.

Cathy Vanzieleghem

I spent many, many years terrified to go to the dentist. I had a few people recommend I try this amazing dentist office saying I won't regret going. As nervous as I was walking through the door for the first time, I walked out leaving with a huge smile on my face and completely confident that I will return again and again. The front desk girls are kind, helpful and go the extra steps to help you out with things. All of Dr. Harry's staff are so unbelievably friendly, kind, fun. The atmosphere Dr. Harrys' office has made you feel right at home. You forget your even in a dentist office. Beyond clean, really nice layout and not to mention the view of nature. He is such a caring, kind gentlemen, funny, talks with you, not at you, very good at what he does. Explains what he's doing, shows you what needs to be done. It's like having a whole new big family. They respect you, show you exactly what they are doing, before and after pictures. Dr. Harry really cares about his patients and giving them a smile they have always dreamed about. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. I now walk through their door with complete confidence. Thank you, Dr. Harry and all your staff for the amazing job you all you do, words can't express enough how much you have changed my outlook on a dentist. P.S – – I just can't stop looking in the mirror now. What a difference.

Tanya D

I wanted to send a message to say thank you so much to everyone there for the wonderful service yesterday. It had been a rough week (death in the family), and the dentist chair waiting for a possible root canal was not a place I was mentally prepared to be. Everyone was so patient until I was ready, and Dr. Tim walked me through all the steps of a complicated procedure on a hard-to-reach tooth.

Based on my results today, I would say that he also managed to save me from having to go through a full root canal by using alternate means, which I truly appreciate.

The personal care from all the staff and Dr. Tim's level of expertise are what differentiates you from other dentists we have used in the past.
Thank you.

Rachel B

Hi Harry, I just wanted to reach out and thank you and your staff for your fantastic work.

I couldn't be happier with my experience at your practice. I used to find going to the dentist very stressful and would put it off for long periods of time. Now, thanks to you and your staff, I am very comfortable and no longer dread the experience.

I'm so grateful for all of the work you and the entire staff do to keep my smile healthy.

Eric Sigurdson

Dr. Helen, Dr. Harry and staff, Bill and I would like to thank all of you for your kindness and understanding and making us feel so welcome and comfortable. We are so happy we made the decision to come to you for all our dental needs. You all are the best. We say this from our heart! 

Bill and Carol T

Faith told me when she got home that her experience going to your practice was unlike any other she's had in the past.

She used words like “pain-free”, “comfortable” and “pleasant”, words you just don't hear from people when they are talking about their trip to the dentist!

So a big thank you for that!

David Saraiva

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María Moreno

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7 months ago

I am more than anxious going to the dentist, but Dr. Harry is absolutely exceptional. He and his team are highly recommended. Dr. Harry´s professional dentistry skills, kind and gentle manners are superb. No easy to find a dentist like him.

Sam Elle

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3 months ago

I booked with this office after an extremely negative experience with another dentist in the Region (among other things, my previous office performed work on me without my prior knowledge or consent). I have severe dental anxiety and had been with my childhood dentist for nearly 3 decades before moving to the Region a few years ago, so a negative experience with my last new dentist did nothing to assuage that. I had posted in an online forum asking for recommendations and Drs. de Man and Hoediono came highly recommended by several commenters. I made an appointment on a Thursday evening and they were able to fit me in for a consult the following week. My experience there was nothing short of fantastic. The office is clean, bright, and modern. Every staff member I spoke with was extremely pleasant and kind. I was upfront about my dental anxiety and my previous experience and I felt staff went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable. They explained everything to me and ensured I understood and consented before moving forward with any work, allowed me time and space to ask any questions, and the hygienist I had also took the time to bring my X-Rays up on a television to walk me through them. I felt very informed and not at all rushed. I had to have a bit of work done (some fillings) and they were able to accommodate me within 1-2 weeks (1 week for the first appointment and 2 weeks for the second). Dr. Helen has a very gentle hand and great bedside manner - she's very patient and has a very calming energy. You also cannot beat the view from your chair as you're having work done!


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2 weeks ago

edit - I went in to get some alterations done. They took me in very quickly and addressed my issues. I was nitpicky and Dr. Mike was kind and took care of everything. I no longer bite my teeth while eating! I still feel off, but its because of years of having a couple very poorly shaped teeth. I am incredibly happy with the work done. He matched the colour amazingly well and it just looks great. I feel so much better about my smile. I am signing up my wife and son in the coming month. Thanks again all! I had some issues with two teeth that had been bothering me for some time. I called yesterday and spoke to Monica. She was very friendly and had me come down within 30 minutes of making my call due to a cancellation. I thought this was just going to be an info gathering session and they would help me at a later date. Nope! They pushed me through and corrected the problem I was dealing with. I had Dr. Mike help me out. He was fantastic and I am incredibly pleased with the results. They make it very clear that if you have any issues with things like fillings (which I received) that they can make the corrections for you for asap. I may have to go back but I am giving it a couple days. The did absolutely nothing wrong. But now that my teeth are properly formed one catches on a lower tooth sometimes. I feel absolutely confident that if it is a real issue and not me making a deal of it that they will fix it. I've been dealing with it for years so I think I just got used to my teeth being wrong/off in placement. The work was fantastic. My teeth that he worked on look and feel great. I will be taking my son (2 years old) and wife there next when we sign up to be patients and get a cleaning/review done. Also, I am a nervous kind of guy. The procedure was totally painless. While I still don't like going to the dentist I will absolutely not be as hesitant as I have been in the past. My previous Dentist retired and I trusted him very much. I am very happy that I found another Dentist that I trust as much, if not more.

Tyler B

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3 months ago

Fantastic! Everyone that works there is incredibly friendly and accommodating. I felt comfortable and welcomed as a new patient. I am happy to say that they're now my family dentist for myself and my family!


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3 weeks ago

Dentist offices are a dime a dozen and what sets them apart is quality of dentistry & customer service. Dr Hoediono goes above and beyond to make sure everything is right! Thank you for reaching out to my family we appreciate the care you put into your work.

Just wanted to say “thank-you” to everyone for making my last visit to you on March 21st a very comfortable visit. You know I don't like visiting the dentist, but you make me very relaxed and confident that you're treating me very well. From Kathy's friendly greeting in the office to the expert treatment I get from Stacy to Dr. Helen's great “chair-side” manner and professionalism, you're all the greatest. Thanks for all the work you do to keep my teeth and gums healthy. It's all very much appreciated. Thanks!

Gord Allgeier

We just got home from my dental appointment with Mike. What a positive and reassuring experience I had. Each member of your team was not only professional and courteous but also attentive and supportive to my individual needs. Thanks so much to Ali of you. Looks like we found our dental “home”,


I am extremely pleased with the exemplary dental care that I and my family have received for the past twenty years from Dr. Höediono and Dr. de Man. They are always professional, up to date and consistently pays attention to our specific dental needs. Their staff are courteous, friendly and well informed. I unconditionally recommend Dr. Höediono, Dr. de Man and associates to those who seek quality, knowledgeable and personable dental care delivered in a thorough and attentive manner. 

Kirk Jenkins

Drs Höediono and De Man along with all of their staff are always friendly and caring. I can always count on getting the best service available. More importantly, I never have to worry about taking my kids to see the dentist. The Dentists and hygienists at the office are great with putting the kids (and adults) at ease. They're all great at making us feel calm and relaxed.

You can always expect a professional and friendly environment. I never have to think twice about referring them to friends and family.

Maya Stojic

Good morning Dr Tim,

I was aiming to email you back a while ago but it got postponed each day. But I've been thinking about your work and I would like to say once again “Thank you very much for the job well done!” My tooth doesn't hurt anymore, no more very sensitive feeling when I drink my coffee or cold water. Now I can enjoy drinking them hahaha! Thanks also for the picture.

Anyway, just to say also that you are an amazing dentist and I feel that you strive for the best when it comes to the result of your work.

Thank you.

My family and I have been visiting this practice from the day that Harry and Helen first arrived. We are very particular in who we deal with in all aspects of life and especially when it comes to health care. We have used many dentists throughout our lives and would place this practice and all of its staff right at the top of the list. They are truly professional and I for one have never had to second guess their opinions. I am sure that many practices envy their constant growth (due only to what they deserve).

Clive and Susan Moxey - Kitchener, ON

Just a few lines to express my appreciation and to say thank you, for continuously providing impeccable service with “health and hygiene motto” always a priority. Your professionalism and people skills exceed my every level of expectation. This is a true five star Ritz-Carlton experience – “a place where the genuine care and comfort of our guests is our highest mission.”

You always guide me easily throughout the entire process of every procedure, and you always make sure I am comfortable and updated at each step of the way. I would recommend De Man & Höediono Dentistry to anyone who is in search of a new Dentist. Their professionalism and dedication make them the only choice.

Inga O, Waterloo, On

Hello There,

I just wanted to reach out and say how happy I have always been with the services your office provides. I recognize that it's important for staff to hear positive feedback, so wanted to let you know. So thank you to all of the administrative staff, who have always been so professional and friendly and caring. Kathy & Monica have always been especially lovely and accommodating.

I have been going to your office for many years and have always been so happy with all of the work and services.
In recent months I have been especially pleased with your staff (Vanessa & Cara are amazing at what they do, and combine skill & friendliness wonderfully)
It goes without saying that Dr. de Man & Höediono, and all the work they've provided to me over the years has been amazing…and the team and office you have is simply great.

Thank for everything!

I want to express my most sincere thanks to your staff for the best dental care I always receive at your office.

My girl, Leah, has always treated me with such concern for my mental dental health. She does a superb job, considering what she is dealing with “me.”

A ton of thanks to Leah. Kudos to Mr. Tim.

I didn't feel the freezing going in! I am so happy with the end result of this procedure.

God Bless all your staff.

Dr. Harry,

I want to express my sincere gratitude to you and your team at your dental office (Sarah and Cathy at front desk, Minah, Stacy and Krista).

A visit to the dentist can evoke anxiety, but your team made me feel so incredibly comfortable and extremely welcome as a new client.

My past two experiences in August have been the most pleasant that involve a “trip to the dentist.”

Thank you for your care, kindness, and relationship building! (I should have come to you sooner!)


My answer when people ask me “if you were to win a million dollars, what would you do?” was always, “I get my teeth done.”

It seemed like an unattainable goal, something bigger than a mountain, something that could never happen. I am 49 years old and I've had horrible horrible teeth my whole life…one big tooth front and center and sideways bulldog teeth to support it…truly delightful!

They hurt everyday when I chew and I couldn't even bite into an apple they caused my great pain. While I refuse to let them define me, they certainly didn't suit my personality. I am bubbly and positive and I smile a lot to everyone but whenever I smiled there's always that knowledge they're looking at my teeth everybody is looking at my crazy teeth.

So why didn't I just get them fixed…well,

I am horrendous wimp when it comes to my teeth. I whine, cry, and squirm…avoid, avoid, avoid! I am terrified that's why I go to Dr. Harry Hoedinio. I have never enjoyed the dentist before Dr. Harry's clinic. They seem to make all the fear go away, they make it okay.

They calm me down, they freeze me for cleanings (Thank you Cheryl), the rooms are incredible, they have all the latest bells and whistles…TVs to distract and cameras to educate me, squirrels playing in the amazing yard, but the best part of MY dentist are the people.

I challenge everyone to find a more accommodating, educated, personable group of professionals – you can, trust this coward, you really can. The assistants are outstanding. From walking in the door Kathy makes you feel so welcome, it's like coming home to people who care.

Krista – you are definitely my favorite assistant – she has such an amazing spirit. I am never nervous. Dr. Harry and Helen, I love you both and am forever in your debt. For all that you have done and continue to do thank you. The Simply Clear Invisalign changed my life forever. After so many years of fear and procrastination…what was I waiting for?

I'm going to be 50 this year and I now have the teeth of a movie star, and in no time (9 months) or pain at all. I never would have ever dreamed this would have been possible, my results are outstanding. I keep running my tongue over the top of my top teeth! I worry I'm going to wake up from some dream and my single tooth will still be in the middle of my head – this is simply too good to be true.

I wake up and I smile at the mirror everyday and I happily brush them and I leave the house and I smile at everybody there and get into work and I smile at everybody there my cheeks hurt I'm smiling so much.

So, for anyone reading this long winded superlative – what are you waiting for? Just do it! You will be so happy you did!

Review from me…Thank you all!


My family & I have been patients of this wonderful dentistry clinic for many years. We've always been so impressed by all the staff ….their friendliness, professionalism & attentiveness. I would highly recommend Drs de Man & Höediono & their associates to anyone looking for a full-service dentistry team.


I love de Man and Höediono Dentistry! Dr. Mike is so gentle and kind with me. My hygienist is amazing as well. I use to have terrible anxiety panic attacks about having to go to the dentist. I don't anymore since I have been coming here. I would recommend this dentistry to anyone.