Sealants – When Young, An Opportunity To Protect Teeth For Life

Sealants can prevent or eliminate many common problems (like decay) before they occur. At de Man & HΓΆediono, we recommend sealants for most children. With today's great sealant products, it makes good sense to fill deep grooves and molar crowns so they remain debris-free and easy to clean.

Sealants are applied without freezing or drilling. When applied under proper conditions, sealants last for many years, or even a lifetime. Aside from teaching good oral health habits, sealants are the single most beneficial procedure we offer children at de Man & HΓΆediono Dentistry. By preventing cavities and decay, sealants also reduce the need for costly fillings, crowns, and root canals common in most adults.

dentist applying sealants to child patient