Scaling and Root Planing

Your dentist may recommend a deep cleaning consisting of scaling and root planing if you have gum disease. Surgery may be recommended if gum disease is more advanced.

Deep Cleaning: Dental Scaling

You're more susceptible to gum disease if you have receding gums or plaque buildup along the gumline. Scaling is a non-surgical treatment for gum disease which provides a deep clean of the areas below the gumline that a regular cleaning doesn't. It removes plaque and tartar, restoring gum health.

Your dentist or registered dental hygienist may use hand-held or ultrasonic instruments for the scaling procedure. Hand-held instruments are for manual removal of plaque. Alternatively, ultrasonic instruments use a vibrating metal tip to remove tartar. 

Deep Cleaning: Root Planing

Once your teeth have been cleaned, the next step is the root planing. During root planing, root surfaces are cleaned meticulously. These root surfaces separate from the gums due to gum disease and harbour bacteria. 

Inflammation is reduced after bacteria is removed, and your gums can heal and recover. Root planing also helps your gum attach back to your tooth

man getting root planing

After the Deep Cleaning Procedure

Your teeth may feel sensitive after scaling and root planing but this should resolve within a week. Your gums may swell and bleed. Your dentist may prescribe medication to reduce discomfort. 

You will return for a follow-up appointment to have the area assessed. 

Your dental team will check if the condition of your dental pockets has improved and that your gums are healing well. 

Maintaining good oral care habits is essential for recovery. Gum disease may be reversed but your commitment is necessary to keep it from returning. 

Your dentist will need to know your medical history before proceeding to a deep cleaning procedure. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream so if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, special care must be taken.

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