Relieve Numbness Twice as Fast

What is it?

Local anesthesia reversal agent.

- is a local anesthesia reversal agent and is a huge breakthrough in the dental industry. It is the first and only product that reverses the effects of local anesthesia and expedites the return of normal sensations.

Numbness can be an issue for some patients, so much so they'll shy away from undergoing dental procedures. Local anesthesia reversal agent provides a solution to these cases. Numbness, caused by the use of local anesthetic, can take over 2 hours to subside in the upper lip and more than 2.5 hours on the bottom lip. With local anesthesia reversal agent, You will start to feel sensation in about 50 – 70 minutes.

This makes your dental experience more comfortable as the numbness won't linger long after your appointment anymore. You won't have to endure the loss of function for several hours.

Local anesthesia reversal agent is also easy to use. It doesn't require additional training and it can be administered to kids ages six and above, and weighing at least 33 lbs.

local anesthesia reversal agent at kitchener dentist office

How does it work?

How local anesthesia reversal agent is injected in the same area where the local anesthetic had been administered. The recommended dose depends on the patient's weight and age.

Phentolamine works to widen blood vessels and encourage blood flow. It counters vasoconstriction (narrowing down of blood vessels) that local anesthetics cause. The local anesthetic is then absorbed into the bloodstream faster and the duration of any undesirable effects is shortened.

Benefits of local anesthesia reversal agent:

  • The use of local anesthetic can leave patients unable to speak, drink, or eat normally after a dental procedure.
  • Some patients have the tendency to bite their lips, tongue, or cheeks when they're numb. This can result in altered appearance, swelling, lesions, bleeding, and pain.
  • Some patients are more prone to accidental biting or pinching after being administered with a local anesthetic. With local anesthesia reversal agent, the risk of injuries is minimized as the effects of the anesthetic wear off faster.
  • Patients concerned about numbness after receiving anesthetic can now receive treatment with the confidence they will not have to just wait it out as they have before. Both children and adults can improve their dental experience and be more willing to keep their dentist appointments.
  • Local anesthesia reversal agent can benefit almost any patient. You can minimize drooling, and talk, smile, eat, and drink as you normally would, in half the time.

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