Full and Partial Dentures

At Kitchener Office, we offer various dental solutions to replace missing or lost teeth.

Regardless the cause of tooth loss, we'll work with you to restore your full, healthy set of teeth. We can create dental prosthetic for you so you can show off your smile with confidence. Permanent options such as bridges are available as well as removable partial and full dentures.

Replacing missing tooth can help prevent your cheeks and lips from looking sunken. But that's not all. You not only enhance how your smile looks, you also improve function of your mouth, correct bite issues, and improve your speech.

Here are tooth replacement options we can look into:

  • Dental bridge. Dental bridges can be used to replace more than one missing tooth. To bridge the gap between missing teeth, the dental bridge is attached on the natural teeth or abutment teeth. In cases where healthy, natural teeth are not available, dental implants may be applied to serve as support. To fill the space between the anchoring teeth, pontics or false teeth can be made for you.
  • Partial denture. With a removable partial denture, you can replace multiple upper or lower teeth. A partial denture is a plate that works like a puzzle when worn. It may come with clasps or clips to secure it in place. However, these clasps may show depending on the location of the denture. Removable partial dentures can be made of plastic or metal. Plastic dentures cost less as they also cost less to create.
  • Full denture. Full or complete dentures replace all teeth either on upper or lower or both arches. Denture adhesive can be used to secure the dental prosthetic but for greater convenience, implants can also be used. After removing your teeth, you may have to wait up to 12 weeks until the gum tissue has completely healed. Then your mouth will be ready to receive your dentures.

To find out which tooth-replacement option works best for you, our team will conduct an oral examination first. We'll also talk about your specific needs and goals. We'll only push through with the treatment plan with your consent.

Enhance not only your smile, but your lifestyle as well. Contact us at Kitchener office to book your appointment.

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Full Dentures

Partial Dentures

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