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Covid-19 Update

COVID-19 Update: Dental offices remain open

April 8, 2021 - 

Though the province may be still in shut down we are still open and providing full services.

1. Dentistry is considered an essential service so we are not affected by the lockdowns.

2. Dental emergencies account for 5-7 % of all hospital emergency room visits, so by keeping our office open we free up space in our hospital emergency rooms.

3. Since the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020 dental offices in our region have not had any transmissions. Our office, including patients, staff and doctors has not had a single Covid-19 case  All our doctors are now vaccinated.

4. We advise all our patients to keep their appointments as we are just starting to work through our backlog list of patients from our first 3 month shut down.

5. Now more than ever your dental health is important as you do not want an emergency during these challenging times. Dental care is not always available when you may need it most.

November 24th 2020 - 

The RCDSO has confirmed that health care providers, including dental offices, can remain open in public health regions declared to be in “lockdown”. All current RCDSO guidance remains in effect

Recently there was a statement released suggesting people not visit their dentist due to the risk of COVID-19. However, this statement was only referring to high-risk countries like the United States, Mexico, and Brazil, and DOES NOT apply to dentists in Canada.

We want to reassure you, we have implemented and exceeded all additional precaution recommendations from the following organizations: IPAC, RCDSO, CDHO, ODNAA, WHO, CDC, and Public Health Canada.

We are now open and back to work!

It has been a challenging few months.  But we received word late Sunday (May 31, 2020) evening from our Regulator The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, and the Chief Medical Officer of Health under "Directive #2 that: "dentists are now permitted to provide in-person care for all deferred, non-essential, and elective services (including teeth cleanings) in addition to emergency and urgent care." All orthodontic treatments are now restored and patients can now begin their treatments again or come in for further adjustments as needed.  The College also removed the very restrictive guidelines for treating patients and is now aligned with our other provinces and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  Drs. de Man, Schenkel, and Höediono have always followed all the prescribed measures and had already implemented the most stringent infection control measures prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as the newest restrictions issued during the pandemic.  Because we have always had the highest standard of care for our patients, and because we have already re-equipped the office to those very stringent standards, we will continue to keep them for the time being.  Thank you for being patient. 

We are grateful to all our patients and friends who showed us their support, and now we are so happy to welcome you all back.  Those who had their appointments canceled will be called first to rebook.  Those who have upcoming prearranged appointments will be contacted to confirm their dates and times.  We urge you to please call our office at your convenience to confirm or rebook your appointments.  And those, who have emergencies will be seen immediately at the first available time.  It has been a trying time for all our families, our community,  and our health care and front line workers.  Together we will overcome this pandemic, and we will now move forward to rebuild all those things we have held dear to all of us.  Welcome back!

Drs. Harry, Helen , Mike and Caley.

de Man & Höediono Dentistry is devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using conservative state-of-the-art procedures, that will result in beautiful long lasting smiles!

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