Children's Dentistry

Get Your Little Ones Ready for a Lifelong Healthy Smile

There's no better time to start caring for your child's teeth than now. With excellent dental care habits, your little ones can keep their teeth free from dental issues.

At de Man & HΓΆediono Dentistry, we understand that your child's first memory at the dental office can stay with them for a long time. Their response to future dental visits can be associated with their early experiences. Hence, we make sure every child feels comfortable with us before we get started with any dental work.

We work toward building their trust in us. We strive to make every trip to our dental practice enjoyable. The entertainment system is even installed so kids won't get bored while on the dental chair. We also give them a little thank you gifts for doing a great job helping us.

We recommend that you bring your little ones starting the age of 3. But please feel free to visit us should you have early concerns with their oral health.

Routine dental checkups are crucial to ensure the healthy development of your child's teeth. All of us at Kitchener dental office are excited to meet you and your little ones.

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