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We Now Proudly Offer The Ivoclar Odyssey Diode Laser To Our Patients.

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In every procedure we perform, your comfort has always been our utmost priority.
Using latest dental innovations, your treatment time is reduced significantly. Not only that, results of the procedure are also improved and you get to enjoy a positive experience throughout.

This is why we’re proud to offer Ivoclar Odyssey Diode Laser to our patients.

About the Odyssey Diode Laser

Dental laser has been used in the field of dentistry since 1990 for treatment and preventive care purposes.

Lasers work by producing a narrow beam of light which is then applied to soft tissues. The light targets diseased tissues and bacteria, hence keeping healthy tissues safe and intact. Lasers used in dental practices are also gentler than those you’ll normally find in operating rooms.

The Odyssey Diode Laser, specifically, is portable and battery-operated, making it easy to use. Instead of knobs, the device makes use of a touch screen front so we can adjust the modes when necessary. It also comes with a fiber management system to ensure patient comfort at all times.

Lip Hemangioma Removal Using Lasers

Apart from treating cold or canker sores and gum diseases, lasers can also be used to remove hemangiomas.

Hemangiomas appear as dark spots on the lower lip. Physicians usually refer these patients to plastic surgeons for treatment. However, they are also warned about potential side effects such as nerve paresthesia and scarring.

Patients who feel uncomfortable about receiving traditional surgeries can now come to us for assistance.

The hemangioma or lesion can be removed without having to undergo a traditional surgery, thanks to diode lasers. Those that are familiar with the use of laser as alternative treatment are also more comfortable using the same approach to remove lip hemangioma.

The advantage with using Odyssey Diode Laser is that it simplifies the procedure and reduces the cost.

The laser will target only the damaged tissues, leaving no effect on surrounding tissues. You may notice a scab forming on the treatment area, which should be gone after 4 weeks once the healing is complete.

Overall, the discomfort you may feel after the procedure is minimal to none.

Benefits of Lasers for Dentistry

  • Ensures patient comfort. Traditional surgeries can cause a fair amount of discomfort. Using soft tissue laser makes a perfect treatment alternative as it only targets diseased tissues. Patients can enjoy a pleasant procedure that takes very little time.
  • Allows precise modifications. With the help of the Odyssey laser, we can perform minute modifications on soft tissues. While traditional surgeries may leave behind obvious signs of the procedure, Odyssey lasers make scaling and contouring of gum tissues look natural.
  • Minimally-invasive. The Odyssey laser makes treatments minimally-invasive. During gum disease treatments, diseased tissues are not only eliminated, the area is as well sanitized. This prevents infection while the treated area is being allowed to heal.Learn more about the benefits of Odyssey Diode Laser. Contact our team today at 519-742-8303
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CEREC Certification

CEREC one day crowns

Dr’s Helen, Harry and Tim receive their certification it CEREC one day crowns and restorations. This technology revolutionizes the way we can restore teeth and create partial and full dentures.

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CAPs and crowns and moulds in one sitting?

de Man & Hoediono Dentistry is happy to announce we have a new machine in the office that can make caps or crowns and moulds of people’s mouths digitally. It’s called the CERAC machine. We use a digital camera to scan a patient’s mouth, send those images to a computer which assembles them in 3D. Then these images are sent to our milling machine which will produce a person’s ready restoration (CAP) and can also produce actual models within minutes. We now don’t have to worry about people gagging, sending their records away for the crown to be made in two weeks as even out of town patients can have their work done in one sitting. Please check out the website for further information.

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