Woman’s College Hospital

Kitchener Dentist Ontario

At Women’s College Hospital attending the Mount Sinai Hospital annual medical/dental symposium:  L to R:  Dr. Helen de Man, Associate Clinical Professor, University of Toronto Dental School, Professor Emeritus David Mock, Past Dean U of T Dentistry,  Dr. Karen Burgess, Head Oral Pathology, Dr. Neena DaSousa, clinical instructor Dept. of Prosthodontics, Dr. Harry Hoediono, guest lecturer, Student OutReach Program U of T and the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.

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Dr. Höediono At Evolv1

Kitchener Ontario Dentist

At Evolv1 and the Insiders Talk Series presented by the Grand River Hospital Foundation. L to R. Dr. Tina Mah VP, Research and Innovation, GRH, Dr. Harry Höediono Vice Chair GRH Board of Directors, Dr. Ernest Osei Director of Medical Physics and Radiation Safety Officer GRH, and Dr. Raymond LaFlamme Professor, University of Waterloo; Canada Research chair in Quantum Computing, Executive Director of the Perimeter Institute and also the individual that changed Dr. Stephen Hawkin’s mind about Black Holes.

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Celebrating the opening of the Chronic Pain Clinic

Dr. Hoediono in his role as Vice Chair of the Grand River Hospital
Board tours Freeport Hospital Campus to celebrate the opening of the
new Chronic Pain Clinic which will fill and urgent need in Waterloo
Region for its residents.  L to R are Freeport staff Amanda, Dr.
Hoediono, Grand River Hospital CEO Ron Gagnon and Joint Chief of Staff
Dr. Peter Potts.

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