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CAPs and crowns and moulds in one sitting?

de Man & Hoediono Dentistry is happy to announce we have a new machine in the office that can make caps or crowns and of people’s mouths digitally. It’s called the CERAC machine. We use a digital camera to scan a patient’s mouth, send those images to a computer them in 3D. Then these images are sent to our milling machine which will produce a person’s ready restoration (CAP) and can also produce actual models within minutes. We now don’t have to worry about people gagging, sending their records away for the crown to be made in two weeks as even out of town patients can have their work done in one sitting. Please check out the website www.sirona.com for further information.

de Man & Höediono Dentistry is devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using conservative state-of-the-art procedures, that will result in beautiful long lasting smiles!

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