Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Holiday Season 2021

Don't let dental issues keep you from making wonderful memories this holiday. 

With all the extra snacks and sweets around, it's crucial for you to care for your mouth properly this time of year. 

Don't eat too many sweets. You won't be surprised by this first tip. We know it's almost impossible to not indulge during this time but chewy, sugary, and sticky sweets can cling to your teeth and be tough to remove! Make sure you give your teeth a little more attention than usual when brushing and flossing after these treats. 

Avoid snacking throughout the day. When you do indulge, try not to graze all day long. Breaks between the snacking allows excess saliva to prevent sweets from sticking on your teeth for an extended period. 

Snack on fruits and vegetables. Apples and carrots are good for your teeth. They help with the flow of saliva and strengthen the enamel. Cheese is also a tooth-friendly snack. If you're having alcoholic beverages, cheese helps neutralize the acids in your mouth. 

Drink water. Water is risk-free for your teeth. If you must drink wine or sugary laden beverages, rinse your mouth with water afterwards. It'll help prevent the acidic liquid from coating your teeth. 

Tooth Wearing Santa Claus Hat. 3D Illustration render isolated on white background. Healthcare Dental and Christmas concept

Use appropriate tools for opening packages. You can end up chipping or cracking your teeth if you use them to open packages, tear tape, crack nuts, or opening bottles. While it may seem more convenient to use your teeth when you're busy, it is better to use proper tools instead. 

Keep smiling and have fun! 

Your oral health deserves your love and attention this season. While we love seeing you in our office, we'd be happier to know that you're not experiencing any dental problems at this time. From all of us here in our dental office, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday! See you at your next dental visit in 2022!