Enjoy Better Dental Experience with Prima Surgical Microscope for Dentistry

At de Man and Höediono Dentistry, we do our best to ensure that you enjoy access to the latest dental innovation. Every new piece of equipment we adopt in the office is a promise of better dental experience for all our patients.

With that, we're excited to announce that we have just acquired the Micronix Prima DNT surgical microscope.

What is Micronix Prima DNT Surgical Microscope?

The Prima Surgical Microscope is specially designed to make it easier for our dentists to see in more detail any issues with a patient's teeth. What makes this system stand out is its intelligent features.

Endodontic and surgical dental treatments can now be performed in a more precise and convenient way. This equipment is beneficial not only for dental professionals but for patients as well. We're all looking forward to using this in our dental office.

Our on-staff endodontic specialist Dr. Patel will spearhead the training of our staff. Most important, he will also perform dental procedures for you, our dearest patients.

dentist operating with Prima Surgical Microscope

Benefits of Using Prima Surgical Microscope

Makes capturing high definition images possible.

Focusing on the area of concern is no issue, thanks to the surgical microscope's powerful optical system. Our dentists can enjoy up to 25x magnification and see minute details in excellent clarity. Achieving sharp focus is done simply by adjusting the objective lens.

Simplifies documentation for patients.

Discussing treatment plans with your dentist is easier with the help of this microscope system. Monitors can be mounted to the floor stand or on the ceiling to let you see the progress of the procedure. Our dentists can also record the treatment in digital format and review it later with you. It also means shorter and fewer trips to the dental office.

Emits powerful yet cool lighting.

The PRIMA microscope uses a 27W LED illumination that delivers high intensity, colour correct, cool light. You'll feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Add to that, the LED light is energy-efficient. It automatically goes off as the suspension arm is moved to its topmost position. Our office also doesn't need to change the globes, making the equipment maintenance free.

Easy to use and comes with quick focus features

Focusing is easy with the fluid movement of the PRIMA suspension arm system. If one of our dentist needs the microscope at a steady position, they can simply use the friction brakes found at each joint of the device.

Lets your dentist perform dental procedures comfortably.

During dental procedures, your dentist no longer has to endure hunching over. You can sit or lie down while our dentists, on the other hand, can operate at a comfortable position. Instead of looking down, we can sit straight and look at the binocular on an eye level.

The surgical microscope is compact in size but packed with features that allow your dentist to perform treatments in a new level of precision. But more than that, it's a technology designed with you in mind, so you can receive excellent quality dental services.

Visit us at de Man and Höediono Dentistry. We'll be happy to introduce you to our new Micronix Prima DNT Surgical Microscope. See how it works in person!