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Nepal Relief Fundraiser

On Oct 1, Drs. de Man and Hoediono attended and supported the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fundraiser. The event raised money to help the Canadian Red Cross and their efforts to help the people of Nepal after the devastating earthquakes that killed more than 1,800 people this year.




Kitchener Dentist

L to R: Mary Ledingham from Royal Bank, DRS. Hoediono and de Man, local artist Paula Diamond and oral and Maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Les Diamond.

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Dr Höediono attends Medicine and Innovation Community event at the Tannery.

Dr. Hoediono is acting Chair of Governance on the Board of Directors of Grand River Hospital. On Sept. 24 he attended the Medicine and Innovation Community event at the Tannery, meeting members of the community and reviewing the latest innovations in science that have made Grand River Hospital a leader in patient centered care.

Grand River Hospital Event

Here he reviews one of the 28 portable dialysis machines which patients can use to treat themselves at home avoiding the often long and arduous trip to the hospital. This machine also allows patients to treat themselves during their sleep so that they can have a more productive and fulfilling life.



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Waterloo Wellington Dental Society Meeting Sept 23


From Left To Right: Dr. Hoediono, Dr. Shigapov, Mr. Irwin Fefergrad – Registrar of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario ( our dental regulator), Dr. Cam Wither – past president of the RCDSO and current representative to the College and husband of past health minister Elizabeth Witmer, and Dr. Helen de Man

We attended the Waterloo Wellington Dental Society Meeting Sept 23 to hear the regulator speak on licensing matters and the government regulations of the practice of dentistry in Ontario at the newly renovated Westmount Golf and Country Club.

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